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You do not believe my words? Let’s play this exciting action game at abcya Games .

If you love to play this game, The Torture Game or Balloon Pop also will be the best choice for you at abcya free. Hope that you will have a great time. Good luck!


How to play?

Torture your boss by using the mouse to choose items in the room.

Are you feeling angry with your boss? He is so annoying and obnoxious? OK! Jump into Whack Your Boss and torture your boss. Click Whack Your Boss at Abcya!


You are an employee, you always do your job well but your boss still is not satisfied??? You really want to kill him but the law does not allow you in reality? What should you do? Don’t worry! This chance is for you - Whack Your Boss at Abc ya – an attractive action game here.


This game is designed with simple graphics but attractive gameplay which will bring the players many interesting experiences in life. However, this game is quite violent, so you should consider carefully before playing this game. Haha! Kill your boss in any way and free your anger right away at game online abcya!


To play this game, you can do anything you want without obeying the law. You just click on any objects in the room and torture your boss the way you want. Punch, beat, hit, tear or even shoot to death??? All of them will make you feel more comfortable and happy. Especially, you will not feel bored, because there are 24 ways to torture your boss in the room.


After torturing your boss, the cleaner will clean the blood and you can work normally without anyone knowing what happened. So, you can torture your boss in the most cruel way and relieve your anger. Remember that, this is just a game and it does not affect your real life.

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