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What A Leg

What A Leg

The fast-running competition will be available in What A Leg online game at abcya3 puzzle games. You will enjoy the game now! All very interesting!

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What A Leg GamePlay:

The competition begins between athletes without legs with What a Leg game. Draw the athletes' legs and get them to the finish line as quickly as possible. Runners will run on different parkours that have many obstacles along the way. On each block, you will have to draw different types of legs to overcome obstacles. You can play against online opponents in single-player mode or you can play in two-player mode with a friend.

The game requires you to have a mindset when playing through each level. Legs are the goal of success. When you draw the right legs in that situation, the girl will overcome the obstacles very clearly. Join this exciting game and have more fun with your friends. Invite them to join the online game What A Leg at abcya3 puzzle games. to get ready for new experiences. A very unique experience. Draw all players into this world. Get ready for a race with a lot of opponents.

It's great that you can actively draw so many different types of legs that the girls can move. This myth is new to this game. With longer legs than normal people, curved legs, and even legs that can twist many times, girls can still run. The game is very interesting and engaging. We will be extremely fascinated when playing. Create a solid foundation for further growth. Try to play and share the fun story with your friends. The gameplay is simple but needs a lot of thinking. You will know where and what stage you are at. There are many other attractive games, you can experience some other games such as Bubble Fall and Hyper Neon Ball

Play it now: Use the mouse to draw.

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