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Another game to spice up the winter theme section is Winter Vacation - a newly added arcade game for kids of all ages here at ABCya online game 4 kids. You will be emerging in the winter world in which the act of gathering items will bring you lots and lots of presents this season. It's another cool game added to the winter genre and to get you something enjoyable for a holiday break.

Learn how to find chains of similar items and gather the longest chains possible for higher scores. On the board, there will be a wide range of items with unique placement. Your job is to gather the lines with similar-shaped items and get them off the board. The more items there are on one chain, the higher your bonuses will be. A special goal list is shown at the bottom of each level so that you get to know how many items per type that you need to get. Another tough part of this game is the requirement to use a given number of moves.

Do your best to use the supplied moves to gather the shown number! If you fail to gather them within the limits of moves, the turn ends immediately without any further notice. Get more turns by conquering the goal continuously so that you can keep the fun extended for a long time! Here at, kids have found the best time playing and competing in the other games like Find Unique Xmas Tree and Santa Claus Finder, each with its unique rules and elaborated gameplay! Hop on the new journeys to discover your amazing technique with a diversity of game genres.

Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse to connect the items and create a chain. Release the left button when you finish connecting it.

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