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World Craft

World Craft

Are you tired of many trouble things in the real world? Then World Craft at abcya welcomes you with a large sandbox world for you to create your own dream home.

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World Craft GamePlay:

After a hard working or studying day, have you ever been tired and wanted to find somewhere that you don’t have to care about so many things? Or you just want to find something that can free your mind and calm your soul? Then, let’s come to World Craft - an awesome sandbox game that allows you to do everything you want. If you want a second world where you can create and build whatever flying through your mind, then here you go.

At abcya online games, you can build your own dream world with the architecture as you like from a house to a metropolis, a small bridge to a huge skyscraper and so on. In order to do that, you start by mining materials from the land, cutting the tree, then building from these blocky materials. Firstly, you should build a house or a shelter because at night, you have to face monsters and wild animals, so you need a safe place to save your life. In the daytime, you focus on building things and during the night time, you hide or fight against monsters and zombies. Besides, you can tame some wild animals to let them help you or carry you to explore.

Here at abcya 3, the possibilities are limitless. The only thing that limits you is probably your imagination. Free your creativity and imagination to build your own world that you have ever dreamed of. Hope you have fun! If you want to play more games and add many new choices to your favorite list, you can have tons of options at https://abcya3.net such as World Craft 2 and Legocraft 

How to play:

Use WASD to move; Spacebar to jump; Q to enter inventory; C to craft; R to toggle flying; left mouse to destroy block; right mouse to place block; the number from 1 to 9 to select inventory block and Esc to exit.

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