Wormate.io is a game very popular slitherio, agario and agar.io. Control your worm and eat delicious food to grow larger.

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Wormate.io GamePlay:

Wormate io is a fun multiplayer online game you can play for hours. In the world of Wormate at abcya club games, your main goal is to become the biggest worm around, to do this you must eat the passively spawning food around the map of kill the other worms and eat their mass. To kill an enemy world simply make their head crash into your body, just remember that anyone can eat the food dropped so eat up fast! This feature works both ways however, if you see two bigger worms battling it out just remember that you can come along and snag some of their mass for your own worm. Early on it is recommended not to try to fight other worms as you don’t have a big enough body to really catch anyone off guard, however its not a bad idea to try and salvage some food off dead worms.


Control your worm and eat delicious food to grow larger. Move through the map eating all kinds of tasty trash food to grow. Kill other players and eat them, but be careful, 'cause they will want try to eat you! Have fun and never stop growing in Wormateio!

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Within game your worm will follow your mouse cursor, this will only control the direction the worm heads however, you can not stop your worm. You can also left click to boost your worms speed for as long as you hold it, but remember that this ability slowly depletes some of your existing score.

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