• Big Bird Racing

Big Bird Racing

Big Bird Racing

On a very exciting track with the participation of giant birds present in the online game, Big Bird Racing at abcya3. More fun!

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Big Bird Racing GamePlay:

Do you want to join the race of birds? Don't miss the chance to discover Big Bird Racing online game at abcya3 games. You will play the role of a bird and enter the competition. Are you ready for this battle? Everything becomes so simple when you fight hard. In this fun game, you can race up to 4 people at once on one keyboard! Invite your friends over and play through 9 different races… who will be the biggest and fastest bird in the race? Race with birds in the latest version and lots of fun. You can totally start and end with amazing results. Join the race to assert your level. How to play? Before playing you will choose a favorite bird with very different colors and characteristics.

Then start entering the race full of challenges. The track is not smooth. There are many obstacles to challenge the players. You will need to be careful and agile to pass. Do you want to start with the smoothest? Stay away from puddles, obstacles, sometimes green trees make you fall... You need to master your steps to be able to control your speedwell. What are you waiting for?

Join the Big Bird Racing online game at https://abcya3.net/. now and feel more of what's really exciting. We will play together and conquer the challenges on this road. Invite your friends to play and share the fun with them. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? All will be present in this exciting game. Let's play together and become the best player. Summarizing points will prove to you who is the fastest to finish. It would be great if you join some other games like Big Bad Ape and Angry Cat Run Zombies Alley

How to play: Use arrow keys or touch screen to play.

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