Idle Pet Business - Become a billionaire of pet stores

  • Idle Pet Business

Idle Pet Business

Idle Pet Business

Expand more stores in the online game Idle Pet Business at abcya 3 games.You will become the boss of very attractive pet shops. Enjoy!

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Idle Pet Business GamePlay:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a billionaire pet shop tycoon? Now you can! In Idle Pet Business at abcya 3 hot games grow your pet shop from a small piece of land into a multi-millionaire corporation's pet empire. Take care of pets to earn coins. Unlock different pets to generate more coins.

Upgrade pets to improve productivity. Don't worry, the pet business works for you. Generate idle income while you're away from home and come back to see how much you've earned. You will take on a very interesting pet-raising challenge. All will be present in the game very attractive. Try to make a point. You will have fun and relax and shop for eye-catching items for your pet. Get ready for a journey in the online game Idle Pet Business at Beautiful pet shop-themed graphics. Take care of cats, dogs, goldfish, tortoises, hamsters, parrots, and more. Enable social media to increase your pet store income.

Subvert your pet store and reputation by finding investors to buy back your pet store. Responsive games work on all device forms and sizes. You will do well in these difficult stories and become the tycoon of interesting pet shops. The gameplay is simple, just click on the pet's icon to collect gold coins and prepare to buy other bigger pet stores. Each store has different prices. When you earn enough money, you can expand the market and open more stores. Do you love this game? Enjoy some more games like Ball Giant Rush and Rotating Cube. More fun!

Game controls: Press the left mouse button or touch the screen.

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