Bomb Prank - Put bombs on all your characters

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Bomb Prank

Bomb Prank

Fight for the last survivor position in this game Bomb Prank at abcya3 games. Is this an extremely difficult game? Let's enjoy it to conquer her.

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Bomb Prank GamePlay:

Push and do everything possible for your players to explore. This is his ultimate goal. Let's join now into the game Bomb Prank at because it's completely free online in all those computer browsers with its mobile phones. Join us to bring a lot of fun together. This is extremely fierce fighting and survival game. So you need to have a lot of experience to survive in this game. There are many rival names. They are all famous cartoon characters and your goal is to bomb all your characters. How do you be the last survivor in this game? That's the best thing.

Try to move to run away from the onslaught of these enemy lines. You can retaliate against them by using weapons like bombs. Prepare bombs to explode you need to stay away from all the opponents around you. When you place a bomb in a certain position, you need to run fast and stay away. Don't let these opponents be able to put bombs on you. This is a game every time the bomb explodes your character will die.

So you need to dodge every time it explodes and put the bombs in the position of these players. Don't let you hold the bomb alone. Let's let all your opponents collide with the bomb. Then the bomb explodes they will die. Invite your friends to join this game Bomb Prank at abcya3 games so that they can find each other a lot of fun as well as fierce in this survival battle. Be the last survivor in all those other similar games Super Frog and Rolling Cube

Control: Use a mouse to be able to run away from explosive bombs near you.

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