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The giant frog is wanting to perform the mission in this game Super Frog at What are you waiting for? Join now in the game to help it go on an amazing jungle adventure. First, you need to control this frog to jump on all the roads to be able to overcome the gaps. The frog with the ability to jump long distances will pass countless heights. It will need to find an exit door to help it get out of this forest.

Can you do that? Help it jump and perform various actions. Then find the most accurate path. Cross all the big trees and countless long rivers to make it even safer. What else are you looking for in the game? Look for a door to help the frog get through countless traps. Dodge all the animals that are on this road. Do not hesitate to join the game to help you find the right adventure. You need to observe and use your skillful skills. Estimate the distance then jump high into the game. This is a game that requires great care.

If you are slow without accuracy you will not be able to pass. Why don't you invite your friends to join this game Super Frog at abcya3 games to help your friends have the ability to control a giant frog. Go on a very lively jungle adventure experience a few more similar jungle racing game genres like Rolling Cube and Hungry Shark Arena

Control: Use the arrow keys to help your gadget find the safest co-location in the forest.

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