Candy Blocks Collapse - Collect lots of different candy blocks to bring you victory

  • Candy Blocks Collapse

Candy Blocks Collapse

Candy Blocks Collapse

Colorful candies appear a lot in this game. You can entertain and much more in the game Candy Blocks Collapse at abcya 3 game free. Luckiness will come to you!

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Candy Blocks Collapse GamePlay:

Enjoy an extremely awesome game genre collection. This is a fun graphic design game with the same sound characteristics. You will be addicted to the game Candy Blocks Collapse at the first time you join. Hurry up! The game is waiting for you to challenge. You need to collect a lot of candies of the same color and shape but must be adjacent to each other. It's dangerous if you put the candies high up against the nails above. Then you will have to stop the game. Try to collect as much as you can to unlock the bombs that appear to help you destroy. Please try to think about your smart utilization in the best way.

Clear levels and unlock more difficult levels behind. Later, the number of points for the request will be higher. You need to be observant and nimble to see the spot where there are many similar candies adjacent. Try to collect from above to avoid the risk of being hit by the nails and finish the game. This game does not count up time you do not need to worry too much just focus on the game and use your smart brain tonic. Try to collect as much as possible to choose yourself a high score to top the rankings.

This colorful candy game will give you luck when participating in this entertaining game and relieve a lot of stress after hours of tiring work. You can share games Candy Blocks Collapse at abcya 3 free online with your friends. Invite your friends to join now looking for yourself a lot of entertainment. Enjoy a few more similar game genres Piggy In The Puddle Christmas and Sudoku Christmas

Control: Use mouse to bring yourself lots of sweet candies.

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