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Captain Gold

Captain Gold

Get rich by gold mining do you want to try your hand at playing Captain Gold online game at abcya 3 games. Start playing now! You will feel extremely attractive!

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Captain Gold GamePlay:

Conquer all levels in the online game Captain Gold. You will become very rich and do not need too much pressure when digging for gold. Be lucky and professional when smashing gold. When you step down into the underground gold mines, you need to smash the rock to find gold.

The hard work of the craftsmen. But they will also be happy to work hard but get the item they love. Together we will participate in really interesting gold mining missions. Will you fall in love with it the first time you play? Are you ready to do that right now? Invite your friends to enjoy this exciting game and share how to play it so they can be lucky and rich. Step into the world of the rich in the Captain Gold online game at abcya 3 action games online. Captain Gold is a super casual game with an adventure theme. In this game, the player needs to help the Captain, the character in the game, smash and collect gold and other stones.

The captain is somewhere far from the city and is busy extracting gold, diamonds, rubies, and other useful resources from the mines. He has to smash the stones, gold, and diamonds with a hammer, collect and bring them to his place in his cart. To help the captain, you need to throw the hammer at the stones at the right time and smash them. Simply touch the screen to do it. You will have three chances in each mine in the form of a 'hammer' to break rocks. If you cannot break all the stones in three turns, you lose the game. You will get 1 point for collecting normal stones, 2 points for gold, and 3 points for diamonds. There are many interesting games, you will surely enjoy some other games similar to End Of War and Red Ball Christmas

Game controls: Use the mouse to play.

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