Mr Noob Hook Hero - Dress up as a brave hero

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Mr Noob Hook Hero

Mr Noob Hook Hero

Welcome to Mr Noob Hook Hero online game at abcya 3 action games online. Accept those challenges! More fun!

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Mr Noob Hook Hero GamePlay:

The boy dressed up as a hero and decided to make his way through the world full of dangerous objects and enemies that will try to prevent him from achieving his goal. Don't miss the chance to experience Mr Noob Hook Hero online game at abcya 3 action games. You will love it the first time you play. You have a lot of new friends and fun gameplay.

How are you? All very new and unexpected. Enjoy it now. Jump and spin looking for the right moment to get caught in different new mines on each level and dig new mines along to achieve your goal but it's not so easy on the way you will encounter dangerous objects and scary experts that if he saw he would try to take you down. Can you get to the end of each level? Enjoy Mr Noob Hook Hero online game at

You will do well in those missions. We will play together and conquer all levels. Please show the ultimate swing skills, you will have more discoveries. Swing and the results will be much more possible. You will get the key, and move with the rope to get closer to the screen containing many secrets. Please fast to can open the box and transfer to the other test. You need to make comments when there are wheels on top. It will hurt you if you swing in the wrong position. Please do well on these quests. Together we discover the unexpected. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Noob Vs Pro 3 and Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Controls: Use a mouse or touch screen to play.

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