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That’s crazy. You are on the way home but many enemies want to kill you. Destroy them first and you will be safe. Have a great journey in Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure at ABCya3.net

Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure is a driving game but combined with combat elements. You will find it different and more fun compared with other choices. Why? Because you both drive and fight back those who are trying to eliminate you. At free ABCya 3, you are embarking on an adventure along the beach but some bad guys appear from your back and your front and attack you.

You have to destroy them before they make you get hurt. With enemies who await you ahead, you use your claw to eat them and with those who are chasing you behind, you drop bombs to make them explode. Keep balancing and move forwards to reach a safe place at the end of your journey.

On https://abcya3.net/, don’t forget to collect red diamonds along the way to upgrade your car. Upgrade armor, turbo, speed and damage whenever you have enough diamonds to deal with more powerful enemies later on. You don’t know what challenges wait for you at the next level. So it’s better to equip yourself nicely and always ready.

On the main screen, you will see your whole adventure. It’s divided into several stages and you will by them in order. It means you have to complete the current stage to unlock the new ones. Where will this journey lead you? Are you safe at the end of the journey? It’s all up to you. Defeat everyone who blocks your way. Let’s teach them a lesson.

Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to browse our game library and play more. Some of the best choices for you are Car Eats Car Winter Adventure and Car Eats Car 3


Arrow key to drive and Spacebar to drop bombs.

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