City Ambulance Car Driving - Drive an ambulance and give first aid to the sick in time

  • City Ambulance Car Driving

City Ambulance Car Driving

City Ambulance Car Driving

You will play the role of an ambulance and carry a lot of sick people to the emergency. Take your time to join the online game City Ambulance Car Driving at abcya 3 online games. Conquer every challenge!

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City Ambulance Car Driving GamePlay:

You have to drive the ambulance and rescue the people in the accident. Ready to join the online game City Ambulance Car Driving at What are you waiting for? You will successfully perform these tasks. Enjoy a lot of the fun and novelty of this game. You will love it the first time you play it. How will the feeling of carrying an ambulance be more special than other vehicles? Looking forward to those.

While driving in the city with an ambulance, you have to go to the emergency of the accidents you see on the road and get the patient to the hospital as soon as possible with the assistance of the ambulance without any harm. . Since there are cars in the city, you can turn on your ambulance sirens and pass between other cars. This way, you can get to the emergency room in less time. Explore the online game City Ambulance Car Driving with your friends at abcya3 online games. Fully prepared for an ambulance adventure. You will have a lot of new experiences. Accept all new challenges and be the best. Enjoy more fun.

Take care that the ambulance does not vibrate while the patient is in the vehicle and be a good ambulance driver. The patient's health depends on her ability to drive. Be careful when driving because injured people are very sensitive to collisions. Therefore, ambulance drivers are trained in the most professional and safest driving skills for the people in the vehicle. The game with very interesting graphic design will give you a great feeling. Practice more skills by playing some other online games similar to American Truck Car Driving and Off Road 4x4 Jeep Simulator

Instructions: Play with arrow keys and mouse.

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