• City Truck Driver

City Truck Driver

City Truck Driver

On the adventurous race tracks. You will experience many interesting things when participating in the online game City Truck Driver at abcya 3 games. Play now!

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City Truck Driver GamePlay:

If you love racing games. Don't miss the chance to experience City Truck Driver online game at abcya 3 game. This time you are about to participate in an exciting simulation adventure with your trucks inside a huge city with the City Truck Driver game. This truck game includes a lot of features like truck customization options, mission mode, racing mode, and freestyle driving mode. 13 levels for 13 different truck models, each with different handling, speed, and acceleration values.

You will need to play in mission mode or in race mode to be able to customize the truck. There are 10 missions and 10 races. You will experience each level from simple to complex. In mission mode, you carry several attributes along with your trailer from one point to another. You should carry your belongings safely.

Follow the arrow, it will take you where you should get it. Make sure you reach the finish line before time runs out. You will find a lot of unique things in the City Truck Driver online game at https://abcya3.net/. In racing mode, you will race against five opponents in city tracks and you will need to complete the race. Race in the first three laps to earn rewards. Try to reach the finish line before your opponent. You can play racing mode and free driving mode in single-player mode or in two-player mode. Vivid graphic design, you will find it very interesting to play. Experience some more games similar to Delivery Racer and Galactic Traffic. Are you ready for the race?

Instructions: Move: "W, A, S, D" or "Arrow Keys"; Handbrake: "spacebar".

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