Earn To Die 2012 GamePlay:

The year is 2012. Your bloody war on audacious zombies is at a fateful crossroads again. Either you die in the desert or you earn much money for killing hordes of undeads. Money you can use to survive that mess. Your choice. Drive three upgrade vehicles and complete all three different tracks in order to escape. Enjoy Earn to Die 2012.


You can also play Earn to Die 2012 Part 2, Earn to Die and Earn to Die 2 Exodus.


Zombies have dominated all the roads in the city and they are trying to destroy anything they see on the way. Unfortunately, you are alone here and you have to find any ways to survive and protect the peace of the world. Join Earn To Die 2012 at game online Abcya right now! Warning!!! This game contains some bloody images, so you should consider carefully before playing.


How to play?

Use arrow keys to drive your car in the game.


Hurry up to get into your car, drive it to run as fast as possible and destroy all toxic zombies on the way. Keep your eyes to observe fuel meter to avoid running out of energy on the race track. Do your best to kill as many zombies as you can and get a lot of money. Then, you can use this money to upgrade your car that can help you defeat any zombies at Abcya Games free.


Are you brave enough to overcome all challenges in this exciting racing game? Play online and download for free at online Abcya Online. Good luck!

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