Draw Physics Line - Will your line bring the balls together?

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Draw Physics Line

Draw Physics Line

Make use of your physical knowledge to solve these challenging puzzles in Draw Physics Line – an interesting puzzle game at ABCya! Good luck and have fun!

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Draw Physics Line GamePlay:

Draw Physics Line is an interesting and challenging puzzle game which you can play at ABCya com for free. Your goal in the game is to make the balls of different colors touch each other. To do so, you have to draw lines or polygons. The game requires you to use some physical knowledge. But there are no certain physics rules. You can draw any shape you want when you draw your first line or polygon as long as you achieve your goal.

Once the different colored balls touch, the heart shapes will appear, and you complete the level. Each level is a puzzle, and it can be a really challenging puzzle. Keep your eyes to observe, imagine in your head a shape followed a physics rule, then draw and see if it will return the expected result. You may fail to find out the right physics rules for the puzzles at times, but it’s ok. Let’s try another way, and we believe that eventually, you will find what you need.

There are 100 levels available to play. The difficulty may increase when you progress further in the game. So, how many levels have you already reached? Have a good time! This puzzle game is a fun way to train your brain, and you can also learn physics from it.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or touch the game screen when playing on other devices.

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