Route Digger 2 - Act quickly to bring about victory

  • Route Digger 2

Route Digger 2

Route Digger 2

Dig a lot of tunnels to help you transport like the best ball. Enjoy that now in the game Route Digger 2 at abcya3 puzzle games to get satisfaction. Have fun!

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Route Digger 2 GamePlay:

Underground is a special well with many different colors. Can you do the road quest to help transport the colorful balls to the bottom of the lake? To do this you need to use the mouse to have the safest way to dig an underground tunnel in the game Route Digger 2 at abcya3 puzzle. With the first level nothing will happen because it is completely unobstructed. But the levels behind will have them all. You cannot touch. If you touch then you will have to stop the game immediately.

Try to dodge it and create a tunnel of your own circulating these colored balls. To get them down the well, the more balls you can get, the better. The higher your score will be, unlocking a few more levels to train you with the best tunneling skills. There will be about 3 or more balls that are asked by the game for you to help it fall into the well. A ball rolling along it will fall into the well and you will get the result of doing this as passing the level.

Wish you a lot of fun with 30 levels in the game. This is a very good relaxing game to help you relieve the stress of participating in the mission. With simple graphic design and new attractive gameplay. You completely define the game of persuasion from the first time you join it. It's great for you to be able to join this game Route Digger 2 at with your friends together to share a lot of moments and start a new journey of digging underground tunnels. Enjoy a few other similar fun tunneling game genres like Maze Challenge and Super Candy Jewels

Control: Use the mouse to help the ball roll down the well in the most accurate way.

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