Drunken Boxing - Attack your opponent to the end

  • Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

The stickman game version in the Drunken Boxing game will make you have the most relaxing moments. Don't hesitate to join your CPU or friends at abcya3 games.

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Drunken Boxing GamePlay:

Drunken Boxing battles continue with a new game that players cannot ignore in their journey to find new games at abcya3 online for free. In this online game, drunk boxers come to the arena and try to defeat each other. You can perform quick punches in the game, but watch out for your energy. The game has 1P and 2P modes. You can play games from CPU and mobile device. Or share with your friends to join the latest boxing game world.

The first person to score 5 in the game wins the match. Observe your opponent's energy bar and take out the most dangerous boxing moves to win the final victory. If you run out of energy, it will take a while to recover. Surely you will be vulnerable in this situation. So, don't forget to calculate your strength while determining your combat strategy. The arena appeared 2 heroes like stickman. Control the punch from the spread or right hand and move forward or backward to dodge the opponent's blow.

Choose your best moves based on this new game. Each player's experience and combat skills are introduced through turns. Don't miss out on your great gameplay today. Countless players around the world have won this special journey that we recommend and update daily. If you lose, try in the next turn. New battles are waiting for you to explore at any time. Each player needs to find their new trip and perfect the game today. https://abcya3.net/ updates countless new fighting games for players like Fiveheads Soccer and Frisbee Forever 2

How to play: Player 1: "Arrow keys" Player 2: "W, A, S, D "

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