• Red Panda Surfer

Red Panda Surfer

Red Panda Surfer

Nothing better than exploring the ancient city by surfing. Just forget about walking. It’s too tired. In Red Panda Surfer at abcya 3, help Red Panda explore every place.

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Red Panda Surfer GamePlay:

Red Panda Surfer is an addicting endless-runner that you can play for free anytime at abcya 3. Different from other endless-runner game where you have to run, in this game you use a skateboard to surfing around a stunning ancient city. It’s much faster and more exciting. Forget about the movements cause sweating like jogging, running or walking, skateboarding is the better way. Red Panda wants to explore China but he doesn’t have much time.

He wants to find the fastest way to go where he desires to go. At abcya games, your mission is to help him go as far as possible. Inspired by famous Temple Run, you also have to avoid all obstacles by jumping, sliding and dodging. If they get hit, the game ends. Besides, along the way, you should try your best to collect as many coins as possible. With the money that you have collected, you can unlock new characters, upgrade your skateboard and power-ups which helps you go further in your adventure.

Besides coins, you also don’t want to miss any power-ups such as a magnet that helps you collect all coins without wasting time and effort, or a shield booster helps you continue after a crash or a coin booster helps you booster your luck and get loads more gold and silver. Of course, each effect just last in a certain amount of time. So, make sure you take advantage of it. Enjoy a great adventure. Surely, you also want to find more games to play. Let’s visit https://abcya3.net/ and try out these following options World Craft and Madmen Racing 3

Instructions: Use arrow keys to move/jump/slide down.

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