Elsa Shower Accident - Help Elsa recover and take a shower

  • Elsa Shower Accident

Elsa Shower Accident

Elsa Shower Accident

The bathroom floor is slippery and Elsa slips and falls. She looks not good now. In Elsa Shower Accident, your mission is to help her clean her wound and do some treatments. After that, she needs your help to take a shower. Are you willing to give her your helping hands? Have fun with Elsa Shower Accident online at…

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Elsa Shower Accident GamePlay:

Do you know Elsa? She is a famous queen of Arendelle. After taking a shower, she has an accident in the bathroom while she enters to have a shower. The bathroom floor is slippery.

Unfortunately, Elsa slipped and fell down. Now, she gets some scratches and smears in her legs and hands. Some small wounds are bleeding. She looks not good. She needs a medical aid immediately from you in Elsa Shower Accident. Here at…, you use icebag to reduce bruises on her hands and knees. Next, you apply a special treatment cream to the blisters and cover the scratches on her arms with green bandages. She feels better now but she needs to have a shower again because she can’t sleep within the filthy condition. Of course, she can’t do it without your help. At abc free game , Elsa is sitting in a bathtub full of warm water. You use her favorite soap and gently scrub. Then, use clean water to rinse from neck to toe. After that, she wants to clean her hairs too. Pour a suitable amount of shampoo on her head and gently massage, clean her hair with water and use a soft towel to dry her hair and body.

Finally, don’t forget to give her a new pijama and a pair of soft indoor slippers. She is ready to go to the bed and have a great sleep after an unexpected accident today. She is grateful for your help. Enjoy more gamed related to Disney princesses at /abcya3.net,  such as Coco Miguel At The Dentist & Jenner Lip Doctor

Controls: Play the game with your mouse.

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