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Farm Pop! is one of the most attractive and addictive puzzle games around the world at Abcya games. Do you have enough confidence and intelligence to get the highest score in Farm Pop!? Hurry up! Time is beginning! Connect all the same fruits on the screen before the time runs out! 

Like the famous puzzle game - Candy Crush, Farm Pop! at Abcay is one of the indispensable choices for puzzle lovers. The game does not require the player much difficult skill, instead, you just have a good ability to observe. In addition, fast response is also a decisive factor to help you conquer this game. What are you waiting for? Jump into this interesting and exciting puzzle game and put your name on the Leaderboard right now! 

Set in a fun farmhouse, there are many fruits like bananas, grapes, carrots, watermelon, blueberries, apples. These fruits are arranged freely and don’t follow any rules. Therefore, they will be randomly dropped on the screen. For other connecting games at Abcya games online, your task is to connect at least 3 types of fruits of the same type and make them disappear on the screen at ABC ya 3.

However, the gameplay of this game is extremely different. Here, you don’t need to connect at least 3 types of fruit, instead you just need to link at least 2 of the same fruit. With each connection, you will get more points. Also, in order to conquer this game, you need to pay attention to some of the indicators on the screen. 

First, you have to pay attention to the time column. This time frame will be very fast over time, so you need to connect the fruits continuously to extend the time and maintain the game for as long as possible. Moreover, in each turn, you will have to complete the index of 3 fixed fruits on the screen. Don’t forget to focus on them and complete the indicators before the time runs out in the game. Try your best to get the highest score in the game. 

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To connect the fruits, you can use the mouse to control them on the screen. 

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