Super Pineapple Pen 2

Super Pineapple Pen 2

Super Pineapple Pen 2: Click to throw the pen and hit the pineapple, the apple, or even both as many times as you can in Pineapple Pen 2!

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Super Pineapple Pen 2 GamePlay:

The fresh reaction game with all the fruits and the stabbing pens is back for more fun! In the sequel of Super Pineapple Pen you have to keep shooting pens at all kinds of fruits to collect coins and get a super high score. Don't miss and don't hit the pens that you already shot or you will lose the game. So put your reflexes to the test!

Play the mobile game Super Pineapple Pen 2 on smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android devices and Windows Phone). Enjoy Super Pineapple Pen 2 and you should play Pineapple pen and Brave Tomato 2!

Controls: Mouse

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