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Or sharp nail pits and other deadly traps can make it difficult for your fireball. I believe you are a smart person you can completely control this fireball. Take new actions and keep yourself safe in the game Fireblob at You need to command this fireball to jump all over the floors and overcome all the pitfalls to reach the end the main adventure is to burn them all. You can use some objects to help the orb to complete your mission with the levels behind. Because there will be more and more obstacles appearing to hinder your way.

The gap is a lot or the position of these sparks is also very high. So it's hard for you to control your fireball to the woodpile. Then you need to focus on the game and be careful little by little so as not to make any mistakes. Try to safely return to the area and not be touched by the pitfalls. There are also animals around that you can't jump on them. Because when you touch then you will have to stop the game. Jump as high as you can to skip all the nail holes. Safely ascend to higher floors to help you take on even more adventurous actions. This is an extremely entertaining game that you can fully participate in for all your computer and mobile programs.

Many levels are waiting for you to make an exploration and burn all the firewood. It's fun that you can join this game Fireblob at abcya3 games with all your friends to be able to share the experience of going on an adventure with the most fascinating sparks. You can fully experience yourself a few other similar adventure game genres like Impostor Game Console and Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

Control: Use arrow keys to make your fireball move safely.

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