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  • Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

This group of talking plants is trying to accomplish a very interesting purpose. Please join the game Fruit Legions Monsters Siege at abcya3 games now to enjoy.

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Fruit Legions Monsters Siege GamePlay:

The fire of war is burning in this peaceful land. Very depressed! You join the game to be able to help this group of talking plants in the game Fruit Legions Monsters Siege at They will decide to stand up and use their achievements to buy more weapons to protect the house they live in. Are you ready to help them? Your task to do is that you need to allocate a reasonable squad of plants to destroy all the evil creatures that are invading your land. Build fortresses to be able to fend off enemies.

Try your best to fight for your land. Try to merge all the plants to create a power that no one can tame. You try to collect as much money as possible to unlock more and more devastating crops. This is an entertaining game that helps you relax after stressful working hours. You join this game and will skip all the boredom. Because it has extremely interesting gameplay. with the same graphic design.

Please control all your plants wisely to bring the most comfortable moments. Try to fight hard to keep your territory safest in this land. Waiting for a lot more interesting gifts can only be in the game Fruit Legions Monsters Siege at abcya3 action games. How do you think you can invite your friends to participate in this game to incarnate and control the weapon plants to protect your base in the best way? Let's have fun with a few more similar interesting game genres like Zombie Smack and Vector Venom

Control: Use the mouse to be able to place and arrange all the crops into position.

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