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Fishy Trick

Fishy Trick

Are you ready to join a little fish adventure in Fishy Trick at abcya3 games? Let's help this little fish overcome all challenges now. Have a great time!

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Fishy Trick GamePlay:

Fishy Trick at abcya3 games is an interesting journey of a small fish in the vast ocean. This little fish has lost its flock and close friends in the deep sea. This fish feels extremely scared and tries everything to find the school and friends. This fish hopes to catch up with his friends to continue his adult journey. However, this expedition is extremely dangerous when this little fish is alone and it faces a series of dangers and difficulties everywhere.

Your task is to help this little fish overcome all challenges and escape death from big fish and bombs everywhere. Under the ocean, there are countless deadly obstacles like big fish, shoals of poisonous fish, bombs everywhere. They can appear suddenly and repeatedly along the way. In particular, they may appear irregularly and without any prior prediction in Fishy Trick at

In this game, you don't have any time limit, however you only have a single life in one play. If the little fish hits an obstacle, the game will end immediately and you will have to continue a new journey even though you have achieved a very high score. To surpass your score, you just have to try to play better. The graphics of this game are very vivid and beautiful. I believe you will feel like in a real race with unforgettable emotions. Do you love these adventure games? Don't forget to let your friends experience more with games like Polar Fall and Axe Master. What are you waiting for?

How to play? You can use the mouse to play the game or tab on the screen for the mobile or tablet.

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