Polar Fall - Passing through death holes everywhere

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Polar Fall

Polar Fall

Have you ever participated in a race with a series of death traps everywhere? This chance is for you to explore Polar Fall at abcya3 games. Play now!

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Polar Fall GamePlay:

Polar Fall at abcya3 games is the perfect combination of action and puzzle games. This game promises to bring you many levels of emotions. This is not just a race through obstacles and death traps everywhere, but it also shows calculation ability along the way. Your task is to control the character to move into the right boxes to avoid falling into death pits everywhere. Dead holes will be shown before that, so before starting each round, you will have time to carefully observe and calculate your distance.

Do your best to travel the shortest distance and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. The difficulty in Polar Fall at https://abcya3.net/ is that the speed is quite fast, your character will move continuously from one tile to another, so you have to control it quickly before your character moves into the black hole. To win Polar Fall, you need to focus and control the character precisely in every move. In this race, you only have one life per turn. So if your character falls into a black hole then the game will end immediately.

The graphics of this game are Christmas-themed. Therefore, it will be more attractive for players to explore and wait for a warm Christmas to come. Funny sounds are also a plus point for this fascinating game. Who will become the best player in this game? Are you confident enough to write your name on the chart? If you love this game genre, you can play some similar games like Axe Master and Fruit Doctor

Control: You can tap or click to drive Mr.Bean left or right.

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