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Flex Run 3D

Flex Run 3D

Flex Run 3D is a unique game of puzzling and arcade that brings a brand new version of gameplay to the fans of online games. You will change the character's body position to overcome the room's objects and grab the diamonds accordingly! Don't touch any item and you will win this abcya3 online game!

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Flex Run 3D GamePlay:

Have fun with the new abcya3 game for kids with the main theme of a yoga simulation arcade that will challenge your ability of adjusting the pose quickly. In this 3D cartoon game, you will try to dodge the furniture of the room. The only way to move forward is to avoid all the moving furniture as they are the obstacles that will trip your character. Reach the final wall of each stage by changing your real-time pose base on the positions of the furniture.

At first, you will be controlling one character only. However, when you advance further, there might be two characters that need controlling at the same time. This makes the work of maneuvering different movements from the drag controls become harder when you get further in the game. Once you reach the final Finish wall, feel free to change the pose to attach to the number on it. The key to notice this final wall is the purple color, so check it out!

There will be a shadow guide so that the players can estimate how the new yoga position shall fit into the gap of the room. Use this wisely and don't forget to estimate base on all the items' positions without leaving anything out. Even the slightest contact with furniture will end your journey immediately. Spice up the gaming time with more 3D games such as Penalty Kick Wiz and Snowboard Kings 2022 for the best of your time! We add the colorful animation and smooth movement for this game to guarantee the highest quality of game time for you here at https://abcya3.net/! We're excited to wait for your final result in this motion game online!

Controlling keys: Click and hold the mouse while dragging to choose the best yoga pose for each part.

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