Basketball School GamePlay:

Basketball shoot game with 3 game modes: arcade, time attack and distance king! Arcade Mode. You have 10 balls at start - up. If you threw and missed, you lose a ball, if not, you will still have same balls count.

Time Attack. Here you are not limited with balls, but with time instead. Game ends when time is out. Snipers. If you miss the distance is shortened by 1 meter. Game overs if you reached 0 meters.

Enter the Basketball School and learn how to shoot some hoops. In this cool physics based basketball game you have to aim like a pro to get the ball through the basket as often as possible. Choose between time attack, distance or arcade mode and start the game. Set the perfect direction and power for the ball to travel all the way to the basket. Earn lots of points to unlock nice bonuses such as extended aim or having a huge target to hit easier.

Are you a real fan of the popular game with Basket ball? You can play Basket Champ & Basketball Brick Breaking, the hottest ABCya games for school. Have fun!


Use the mouse to play this game

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