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Football Champs

Football Champs

Cute dog practicing soccer. Join him in the online game Football Champs at abcya 3 games sport. Discover now! More fun!

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Football Champs GamePlay:

Football is the favorite sport of many people. In the online game Football Champs at You will be accompanied by a cute dog. Practice with your dog's attractive soccer skills. You need to work hard to practice successfully. When you practice well, you will compete with opponents. The cute dog loves soccer. The new version will cause a fever among young people. The cute dog image makes the player very excited. His steps were very clumsy.

The movements of kicking the ball are still confusing. Help him learn the techniques of kicking the ball into the net. A simple one-button soccer game with cute dogs. Kick the ball into the right target and score. Getting the highest score possible within 30 seconds will be available in the online game Football Champs at abcya 3 sport games. Skip the ball when it is right in the crosshairs. Get bonus time for accurate kicks. You will get a time penalty if you miss. The atmosphere in the game is heating up. So play your best. You just need to skillfully control the cute dog to accurately kick the ball, can head, or any technique in soccer as long as you can block the ball to your team's net. Keep doing this until you lose your turn and play again.

Practice the skills of kicking and stopping the ball as many times as possible. Become a celebrity in the match with historic goals. The cute dog is training to become a professional soccer player. Ready to be able to help him get better with soccer technique. There are many other interesting games, I am sure you will love some other games similar to Football Brawl and Crypto Head Ball

Instructions: Use the mouse to play the game.

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