Wrestle Up 2 Player

Wrestle Up 2 Player

Come to ABCya 3 today and show us your wrestling skills with this fantastic online wrestling game Wrestle Up! Can you become the first one to win 5 rounds? Good luck and have fun!

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Wrestle Up 2 Player GamePlay:

Good luck and have fun! Wrestle Up is a fantastic physics-based wrestling game with funny 3D blocky graphics and simple gameplay. If you are excited by the image of a strong wrestler that has just appeared in your head, then don't hesitate anymore, press the Play button and get ready to enter dramatic wrestling struggles.

Here at ABCya games for school 2019, the game gives you 2 modes to choose to play: 1 Player and 2 Player. If you choose the 1 Player mode, you will play against the computer, and it will be more interesting with the 2 Player mode when you can combat with your friend. No matter which mode you join, you have only one goal: knock your opponent out of the ring, which makes you win a round. And your opponent also has the same goal as you.

The first one to win 5 rounds will win the game, so do your best to push and pull your rival to the borders of the ring before your wrestler ends up crashed. Well, you also have to deal with the time limit in this game. If you don’t defeat your opponent within 30 seconds, the ring will get smaller, and so the situation will become more difficult. Then try and use several move combinations to blow your opponent away as soon as possible.

This is a fun game, and you and your friends can have a good laugh struggling the other. If you love this game and want to play more similar games, you can try Wrestle Jump. Many other interesting types of games are available at https://abcya3.net/ and you can easily discover them with a few clicks. Have a great time!

How to play?

Player 1: Arrow keys to move; P to push/move forward;

Player 2: WASD to move; T to push/move forward.

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