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Genie Quest

Genie Quest

Do you want to be a princess or a prince and rescue the kingdom from darkness? This is a great opportunity for you to play Genie Quest at abcya3 games online

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Genie Quest GamePlay:

Genie Quest at abcya3 games online is a puzzle game inspired by a story of a princess and prince in a distant kingdom. Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, there was a prince and princess who were trapped here. Darkness has covered the whole place and monsters have also appeared. Only when the princess or prince can solve the complex puzzles in this kingdom can they bring peaceful life to the people here.

Are you ready to participate in this mind game? Use your wisdom and intelligence to overcome all challenges in this mysterious kingdom. At each level, you will have a specific task of how many monsters to destroy. So you have to connect animals of the same type and make them disappear on the screen. Try to connect the female animals as required and complete the task before time runs out in Genie Quest at In the next levels, the target challenges will increase significantly while your time is constant. So you'll have to look at them quickly and link them up to make sure there's a sufficient number of targets required.

Don't forget to follow the genie's lead and find the fastest way to connect as many targets as possible. Try your best to win many points of Genie Quest to unlock more power-ups or items that can help you defeat monsters and complete missions in an easy way. Are you ready to explore this exciting game? You can also play some similar games like Potion Ingredient Match and Potion Flip

How to play? Use the mouse to connect items or tab on the screen for mobile or tablet.

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