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Inversion 2048

Inversion 2048

Enter the super fun brain game by playing the online game Inversion 2048 at abcya3 games. Discover this fun game by starting with the math. Good luck!

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Inversion 2048 GamePlay:

Feel a lot of fun and originality when playing the online game Inversion 2048 at You will make many players admire because of your fast calculation. The game trains your math and mind to perform very fast. You can start as soon as you understand the rules. We need to implement those rules very quickly and experience for ourselves more interesting things. A 2048 game, but with a twist.

The world turns itself upside down. Along with the world, all blocks reverse themselves and get an extra number. Look at the in-game shop where you can spend your hard-earned points. You can also buy some items, but watch out for scams in the store. Your task is to put the blocks in its correct position so that when the blocks are close together, the result of the next block is formed. Enjoy the online game Inversion 2048 now at abcya3 puzzle games. Get ready for a very exciting experience.

We have to practice many times to understand that rule. Once the blocks are connected, they will disappear. Keep doing this until you have no blocks left on the screen. The game requires a great deal of thinking, you will not easily achieve it because there are obstacles that are mathematical operations with large numbers but you cannot calculate quickly. The gearboxes go by very quickly, making you confused to find where to put. You need to be patient to be able to find the right positions to do. We will learn math together while playing games. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Jewels Classic and Memory Match

Instructions: Use WASD key or mouse to play.

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