• Jungle Dash Mania

Jungle Dash Mania

Jungle Dash Mania

Escape from the pursuit of the extremely giant wild bear running after you. Please join now in a game Jungle Dash Mania at abcya3 hot games with lots of obstacles.

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Jungle Dash Mania GamePlay:

Jump over a lot of water obstacles to bring you safety and win this game. Get started right now on the game Jungle Dash Mania at abcya3 hot games because it's completely free online and you don't need to pay any money. You will appear in a jungle adventure that is very interesting but the tricky thing is that a giant bear is chasing you in the back.

So you need to run fast to escape its pursuit. Don't let the bear catch you. You suck. You will have to finish the game. But on your way, many pitfalls happen like nail pits, big rocks. So how can you overcome these pitfalls? Observe and use the fastest hands and feet. Rushing forward at a dizzying speed. Hop on even the upper floors to help keep you safer. If you find it difficult to join at the bottom while being chased by the bear. Try to collect useful items that can help you increase your strength and protect yourself from this attack. Wild bears are running frantically. You need to be careful and try to outrun it. It will bring you fun moments in this fierce race.

There will be moments when you feel extremely adventurous. You play while dodging its onslaught as if you have to escape traps. Requires you to have the highest reflex skills. Don't worry let's enjoy right now on the game Jungle Dash Mania at https://abcya3.net/. It's great that you share the game with your friends to become a hero escaping from a giant bear together. You will have more skills when you allow yourself to participate in some other interesting games like Snow Excavator and Collect The Coins From The Treasure

Control: Use the arrow keys to be able to help the character jump high.

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