Mannequin Head

Mannequin Head

Do you have the necessary skills to jump in time and win Mannequin Head? It's a new game at abcya3 for kids with cute graphics and a colorful background.

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Mannequin Head GamePlay:

If your favorite genre is the fast-paced arcade game which can be played online, Mannequin Head is one of those perfect games for you! The big and cute Head needs your help to escape the endless game. Bars and platforms will keep appearing on the screen one by one. In order to make sure that the Head can keep jumping and avoid being crushed, you need to estimate the perfect time to jump on the platform.

Don't wait for too long! If you miss the perfect timing to jump, you will not be able to jump anymore. It's best if you can jump before the platform come. Once you successfully jump on the next bars, you can stand on the platform as the base to jump to the higher place. However, that's not all! This abcya game has more challenges and updated features to make it more interesting. When you jump on the bars, some random diamonds will appear. Keep your eye open and try to collect diamonds as you jump as well.

The ability to keep track of the time to choose the perfect timing is the most important skill to win. Not only does this game bring many enjoyable moments for players of all ages but it is also available for free at https://abcya3.net/. Don't miss out on the chance to experience and challenge your friends with the other cool games such as Mondo Hop and Coinbox Hero

How to play: click on the screen with the left mouse to jump.

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