• Fruit Master

Fruit Master

Fruit Master

Will you be able to throw some knives precisely at the floating fruits? Have fun in the summertime with abcya play's latest game: Fruit Master game for kids now to make the fresh fruit juices!

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Fruit Master GamePlay:

The summer is the perfect time to enjoy a few cups of fresh fruit juice to avoid the scorching heat. In order to make the best smoothies and juice, abcya 3 online needs a talented person with the suitable knife skills to chop down the fruits. Will you be the one? If you are confident, join Fruit Master free game to prove your amazing skills.

In this game, you will have to use your knife to cut as much fruit as possible. After the fruits are cut into smaller pieces, they will be put into the blender to make the best smoothies and juices ever! However, the tough part is that the fruits will be moving around. Therefore, you need to aim your knives properly to successfully throw them at the fruits. The more fruits you manage to cut in one time, the more scores you will gain. It's a fun game since you will have to keep predicting the movement of the fruits and aim carefully. You only have a limited number of knives to throw on each level, so be careful as you aim.

After you get the gold, you can unlock the new fruit knives to maximize your damage range. The game will become more fun on the higher levels because the fruits move at a faster speed. Stay sharp and chop down the fruits one by one with this abcya game now! Enjoy more games like Block World and Basic Snake for the best playtime!


Cut the fruits using the mouse.

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