Master Of Donuts - Put donuts of the same color in one position

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Master Of Donuts

Master Of Donuts

A very interesting game with donuts. Don't miss your chance to join the online game Master Of Donuts at abcya 3 games. Accept all the exciting challenges!

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Master Of Donuts GamePlay:

It would be great if you could work in a confectionery factory. Experience the work of a packer when playing the online game Master Of Donuts at You will be performing tasks in the final packing stage. The factory produces many kinds of confectionery in different colors. Your task is to put candies of the same color in a position to pack. The more you match and the right color you will get more score.

Be ready to practice it and you will have great experiences. Together we will complete all levels. Even more amazing skills will forge you quickly. Simple gameplay and eye-catching colors will attract you at first play. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to get ready for the game in the online game Master Of Donuts at abcya 3 games. You will have a great experience. Stack the donuts and become the donut master! Let's sort donuts by color and feel the sweet taste. All the secrets of the warehouse will be in this game. You love cakes and want to arrange them neatly. Give yourself the best impression.

Do you want to start with your beloved friends? Relax while playing this game. Very simple tasks. You just need to act quickly and you will easily pass that level. Keep going until you have experienced all the levels. Together we will discover and enjoy more wonderful things! Conquer every exciting level. You will easily become the tycoon of confectionery. The candy boxes are carefully packed and the right colors will make you interested. Do you want to try more games, why not try some other games like Twirl and Boat Rescue Challenge

Game controls: Touch the phone screen or left mouse button.

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