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Become a professional flight programmer. You will be in the online game Air Traffic Control at Get ready to have a great experience with your friends. We will be able to achieve the best results. Let's conquer together now! Did you know that to control safe flights, the flight programming control center plays a very important role? They will control and program all arrivals and departures to all destinations in terms of route and departure or end times.

Everything is programmed automatically and also the landing. Everything has to be very prepared. Therefore, the online game Air Traffic Control at abcya 3 games is simulating the landing stages of flights. If you play the role of a technician in the flight control center, how many safe flights will you handle? How will you act? Browser-based air traffic control simulator. Tap and drag to create landing paths for oncoming planes and helicopters. Management of the airspace of specialized airports. Land more planes to unlock new maps. How many planes and helicopters can you land?

It all depends on your ingenuity. You need to be really focused and very agile. Identify your planes and conduct a safe landing. Avoid all other planes so as not to cause a collision. You need to use and calculate to have the safest flight route for passengers. Game with endless and challenging gameplay. Very realistic images will bring players to a very unique gameplay. The player is tense but very attractive. Your mission is to navigate the plane and helicopter to the safe landing area. If you love this game, you can discover some other games similar to it Epic Blast and Idiom Hunt

Instructions: Use a mouse or touch screen.

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