Merge The Gems - Link number agents to form a larger number

  • Merge The Gems

Merge The Gems

Merge The Gems

Merge the same numbered gems to increase their number. Let's welcome a lot of new things only in the game Merge The Gems at abcya3 games. Have fun!

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 user ratings

Merge The Gems GamePlay:

A great game that will give you a lot of relaxing moments. Your goal is to try to match up to 30 different gems. You can check by moving these numbered gems. It's great that you can bind it to a larger number and collapse them. Your score will be higher when you can merge into the biggest number that the game Merge The Gems at abcya 3 games gives. Time is running very fast. What do you need to do now? That is the focus of this game.

Each turn of numbers given will have a certain amount of time. If you are slow and quality can not conquer the challenge. Feel free to start the game so you can enjoy these moments of victory. It's quick to observe and use its smarts to be able to control the best-numbered jewel. Combine as many types to give you a great result. As the next level increases, the number of numbers will be more and more.

Create a gem with the highest score to top this leaderboard in a fun online game. After the jewels reach the required level. Your game will be over and you will become the winner. Let's warm-up and start retrying even more difficult levels. Find yourself lots of fun in this merge game Merge The Gems at Move smart with your skillful hands to surprise yourself. How can you invite your friends to join this game so you can share moments of victory and start with the most colorful jewels? Enjoy a few more other similar link game genres like Amazing Sudoku and Heart Box

Control: Use the mouse to get you lots of the biggest numbers.

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