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Paper Snakes

Paper Snakes

Play Paper Snakes io game today at abcya 3 online and see how long you can survive without encountering any of the other snakes!

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Paper Snakes GamePlay:

Paper Snakes is a fun multiplayer snake game in which you will control a paper snake, engaging in a competitive struggle with many other snakes that are controlled by players from all over the world. Here at abcya free online, your goal is to grow as large as possible and get to the top of the Leaderboard.   

In the game, you will move around the map, trying to eat as many snakes which are smaller than you as you can. Because other snakes are doing the same thing as you, then once you touch snakes which are bigger than you, the game is over immediately. So, stay focused, observe carefully and move wisely!  

As long as the snake you eat is smaller than you, the bigger it is, the more energy you receive and the faster you grow up. It is interesting that you can also grow up by absorbing the items left by other players after they died. These items are as useful as an alive snake.   

Keep in mind that even when you rank first in the Leaderboard, nothing can guarantee that you will be safe. Many other snakes will start hunting you at the moment you get in the first place. Thus, always be careful and try to become stronger. How long will you survive in the game? Show us your ability!

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How to play? Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap on the game screen to play it on the mobile phone.

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