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Color Snake

Color Snake

In Color Snake online game, you will guide your own colored snake through a map and try to avoid all the objects with the different colors. Try out this game at ABCya 3

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Color Snake GamePlay:

Have you ever tried playing an avoiding game from abcya free online? In this type of game, instead of going into the correct doors, the players will have to avoid all the obstacles at all cost. Color Snake free game is one game of this particular collection. The main character of this game is a snake which moves in accordance with your movement of the mouse.

Your task is to avoid those deadly obstacles such as the rolling boxes, the dead-ends, the sharp spikes and collect as many stars as possible. Like the name of it, you can only pass through the obstacles with the same color as your snake. Touching any other objects will result in ending the game immediately. You will also have to move swiftly through the obstacles to try to eat all the stars and coins. The total number of stars will be notified to you at the end of the game. This game also has a counting clock to keep track of the amount of time that you take to finish a level.

Therefore, not only do you have to be careful so as not to touch any objects but you should also move quickly. Since there are many different colored objects in the map, the players might confuse and hit some boxes at first. However, as you progress further, you will be able to master the game at no time! There are lots of avoiding games such as Snake Is and Classic Snake.io nowadays, so don't miss out on a chance to play at https://abcya3.net/!


Guide the snake using your left mouse.

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