Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel

Your pet is entering the overweight phase. Find a coach so he's at the right weight. Join the online Pet Trainer Duel game now at abcya 3 games. Come on!

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Pet Trainer Duel GamePlay:

Customers looking for a master pet trainer have found you. Discover now the Pet Trainer Duel online game at https://abcya3.net/. You will have very relaxing moments when you practice with your cat. Take your cat to the training platform and do your best to lose weight. Weighing at the bottom of the platform will determine your results. If you want to pass levels in 1-player mode or if you want to be a better pet trainer with your friends in 2-player mode.

The sole purpose is to make obese cats fit. You will feel a lot of that joy and luck. The cat will have to go through a lot of harsh exercise programs and have to fast without eating his favorite food. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the online game Pet Trainer Duel at abcya 3 online. You will perform its tasks very well. We'll start right now. Together share all the fascinating fun. Run fast to lose weight, the road to the weight platform is still very long. Move the cat to the correct positions to lose weight easily. Going against the running machine is also a good idea.

Cats will lose weight faster. Stay away from all the favorite foods, it will make the cat gain weight and run slower. Let's start with this fun game. We will play together and share a lot of interesting things. Let's conquer many interesting challenges together. You will do well as your coach. We will perform together. You will do your best to support the cat. Develop your skills as a trainer by participating in another game similar to Color Tunnel and Bloo Kid

How to play: Use the arrow keys or the AD key to move the cat left, and right.

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