Cheating Exam

Cheating Exam

Students always have tricks in the classroom, especially when testing. Join the Cheating Exam online game now at abcya3 hot games. Conquer the challenges now!

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Cheating Exam online game at abcya3 hot games will bring you many new experiences. You will feel even more special things in this game. We are fully capable of feeling interesting student moments. Are you sure you didn't look at the lesson when you were in school? That is not happening. You went to school and those are the tricks of the students. Invite your friends to join the game to relive those memories.

What more would you like to do? You were late for class. And today there is a test. You do not know what the learning content is? The only thing you can do is ask for the help of your friends. However, your supervisor is very smart. She can very quickly observe the activities of the students in the class. Therefore, you need to distract her so that she doesn't notice you. But will that cover the teacher's eyes? Please join the Cheating Exam online game at https://abcya3.net/. Accept all challenges of this game.

You have to both distract the teacher and also be wary of your friends because they will notify the teacher that you intend to see the lesson. You will be very quick because around you there are many eyes. All are directed at you and you have to be very careful. We will be able to breakthrough. The game will bring you many interesting things. You can do a lot of special things. Join the game now! Look for student memories. If you love this game, invite your friends to join other games such as Santa Adventure and Mermaids Tail Rush. Accept new challenges!

Game controls: Use the mouse to play or click the touch screen.

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