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Pie Real Life Cooking Pie is a cooking game in Abcya3.net. You make fruit tasty pizzas. They attract your eyes and wake up the taste. Your job is preparing ingredients and adding them to the pizza. Make delicious food and serve customers. Receive compliments and blow your own horn on Real Life Cooking game of abc yay.


Pie Real Life Cooking free game takes you to a modern kitchen. Let’s see which food you will cook today. You will make a fruit pie. Does it sound interesting? Start right now! You cut ingredients one by one. You are provided a chopping board and a knife. Put a pineapple on the chopping board. Cut and remove the leaves and bottom. At abc yay games, cut it into 6 slices and put them on a plate.


Remove a leaf of an apple. Slice it into 16 pieces. Cut an orange into 14 slices and put them on a plate. You have two kiwis. Cut each kiwi into 6 slices, so you have 12 slices and put them on a plate. Peel a banana and cut it into 9 slices. You cut 3 strawberries. Mince each strawberry into 4 slices. Slice 4 grapes. Cut each grape into 4 slices, so you have 16 slices.


Put all fruit slices on the pie of abc yay player games. You add banana, orange, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, grape, and apple. Put the pie in a stove and turn it on. Regulate the heat and wait for the pie done to a turn. After the pie is baked well, you decorate it with topping. You can use chocolate rust, candy beans or cream.


Introduce this cooking game to friends and assess it. We are happy to read your remarks. Seek games Pizza Real Life Cooking and Banana Split Pie on https://abcya3.net/.



  • Use the mouse to play.
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