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Welcome to Slither series! A game about cute snakes in Slither Vs Block 2018 at Control your snake carefully and wisely to help it pass through all challenges along the way in Slither Vs Block 2018 game at ABC ya 3. How many points can you win? Good luck! 

Have you ever heard Slither series? This is a series of snake games with different challenges and levels. Following the success of previous editions, the Slither Vs Block 2018 game at Abcay was born as a sincere thanks to the support of players around the world. However, the gameplay of this game is completely different and more attractive than the previous version. What difference does this version have? Follow me and find the answer. 

In other Slither games, players will participate in a multiplayer online battle on the same screen. The task of all players is to become the longest and largest snake in the world. However, the gameplay of this game is extremely different. You will participate in this adventure alone and overcome all the challenges with your snake in the game at ABC ya game.

Here you will see a lot of color dots and boxes with numbers on the screen. What do they mean? These numbers will indicate the different values of each box and the equivalent number to destroy those boxes. Your task is to control the snake carefully and help it collect as many dots as possible on the screen. These dots will scatter around and around the boxes. With each dot you collect, you will add a point. 

Also, you have to avoid colliding with the boxes because if your score is not enough for the points on each box, you will be destroyed immediately. It can be understood that your score should always be greater than the score on each box to destroy them. However, you should limit the impact on them because you will become weak in the battle at Abcya games. In particular, you should remember that you only have one turn, so if you have a wrong move step, the game will end immediately. 

Are you ready to conquer every challenge in this interesting snake game? If you want to play more with some similar games, check out Slither Game or Smart Slither at I hope that you will have a great time! Share these games with your friends right now! 

How to play?
The players only need to click the circle that is below your snake to control it wisely. 

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