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Pole Vault 3D

Pole Vault 3D

The game Pole Vault 3D at abcya3 games genre has just been released, you will feel extremely interesting. Get ready to welcome together now! Have fun! Let's go!

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Pole Vault 3D GamePlay:

Jump over all your ropes to help you jump far and jump even higher. Overcome countless deadly traps like huge nail holes. There are a lot of great fun things you need to get into the game right now Pole Vault 3D at abcya3 games. Coming to the game you will transform into a Stickam character with the task of reaching the end of this difficult road. You can implement your reinforcement skill into the game. First, you can jump up to keep yourself safe and get through the big nail holes. Countless deadly traps have appeared in this game.

Do you find it scary? There are even name changes. You are also racing to see who can finish the fastest. A road in the air with all the tall buildings would be an extremely risky place. You can do it you need to dodge all the blocks that are blocking your way. Jump over lots of high obstacles. The higher you jump, the safer you will be. But your jumping needs to be precise.

Can have poles as tall as tall buildings, it's difficult, isn't it? But you are a skilled person you can completely conquer this race with your ingenuity. Become a player with the fastest way with a high amount of money and unlock many more interesting things in the back that are waiting for you. Overcome so many races you are always the one to become your own game Pole Vault 3D at https://abcya3.net/ winner. Please share it with all your friends together can discover more mysteries behind waiting for you.

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Control: Use the mouse to take the player to jump as far as possible.

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