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Spring is coming to the weather is warming. The Elsa family decided to have the most fun picnic. Can you help them If so, please join the game Princess Family Picnic Day at to create a fun picnic. Your first task is to choose an outfit for Elsa's mother. You will choose a hairstyle that best suits you. A t-shirt or short shirt will help her become more active. Will you choose pants or skirt legs? This depends on your fashion style, let's bring mom Elsa the most comfortable feeling. Add a few accessories such as bracelets, necks to make the outfit more splendid.

Choose a pair of sneakers for her to move. Finally, there is the book bag option. Do you like the blue or red bag? I think choosing the red bag will make the outfit stand out. The completion starts again with little Elsa girl. The option you will choose a prettier little girl hairstyle. A dress is suitable for today's picnic. Add a shoe that comes in a variety of styles. But with your preferences, choose a shoe that you feel most comfortable with. Add accessories like earrings and necklaces to make the outfit stand out. The next step is to prepare your gear.

Bring all the necessary items into the bag that the game offers. You can bring your bowls, water jugs, soft drinks and food, camera. Let's put them in a bag and choose from extra towels and party decorations. Let’s enjoy a picnic party filled with joy in the end. Invite your friends to join the game Princess Family Picnic Day at abcya 3 girl games to be the designers of a fun picnic together. Started adding a few other similar game genres Clara Wedding Planner and Tik Tok Princess

Control: Use the mouse to choose the right options.

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