Red Stickman: Fighting Stick

Red Stickman: Fighting Stick

Red Stickman: Fighting Stick online game at abcya 3 games will captivate your friends. Join now and experience lots of surprises! More fun!

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Red Stickman: Fighting Stick GamePlay:

Control the red creature to join the online game Red Stickman: Fighting Stick at abcya 3 action games. Get ready to experience a lot of the novelties of this game. We will have very interesting missions. Good news for red stickman cartoon lovers. Control the creature and activate the buttons that move the pedestal, push the box and collect the diamonds to get to the exit of the jungle temple? Various maps and levels are updated regularly.

Easy but addictive team play. Nice design and characters. Entire stickman destruction action blockbuster gripping all the best in stickman warrior games. Smooth controls. Fight and win to unlock more characters. Move the red creature with arrows and avoid obstacles. The stickman character is lost in the maze in the forest and has to escape the dangers. You control him to find the locking spoon to open the maze door and escape. In order to escape, it is necessary to overcome many different challenges. We will absolutely have to fight the enemy on our own. In the maze, there are ferocious animals. Be careful with that! The red boy has to avoid obstacles: water, enemies.

Collect gems as much as possible. Become the champion of the supreme stickman battle. Join the online game Red Stickman: Fighting Stick now at https://abcya3.net/ to experience more new points. Are you ready to play now? All these new points will be of attractive value. We will complete many of those challenges together. Join the game and explore many levels. Each level will have new experiences. You will absolutely see these special points. If you love this game, let's play some more games similar to Stick War Adventure and Funny Battle Simulator 2. Enjoy this fun. What are you waiting for? Challenge now.

Game controls: Use arrow keys to move.

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