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You have to destroy all insects in Extermination Of Flies of Abcya3.net. You murder flies in rooms of a house. Hold your gun and shoot well. Get rid of harmful tiny animals. You should shield yourself too. Extermination Of Flies game trances players. Visit acbcya to kick back when you fret.  Let’s make a move!


Extermination Of Flies free game is an interesting shooting game. You become an insect killer. Flies are attacking your house. They are invading your home. They break into all rooms and damage stuff. You go in the house and try to terminate all flies. You are given a gun with unlimited bullets at acbcya games. The game consists of many levels. You begin with level 1 and complete them one by one.


In the level 1, you fight in the kitchen. Two flies are flying in the air. They fly around and shoot grenades at you. You are moving on the floor. You can move from side to side. The game is a balancing act of avoiding bombs and shooting flies. Flies move flexibly, so you run fast and shoot exactly. Flies have unlimited bombs in acbcya online games. A green bar shows the health of one fly. If you shoot at them successfully, they are injured. When the bars run out of green color, flies lose their life.


You have five lives. You are taken one life if flies shoot one grenade at you. Bombs blow up and you are killed one time. After you are murdered five times, you lose the game. As the game ends, you can click Restart button to play one more time.


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  • Use left/right arrow to move to the left/right.
  • Use up arrow to shoot.
  • Use the mouse to play.
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