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Roll The Ball is a fun and challenging puzzle game, in which you have to build a path for the ball to get all the way to the finish. You will have to move wooden blocks to complete your task in as less moves as possible and collect all stars and bonuses. Each time you free the ball, you will unlock the next, more challenging level. So give it a try and put your brain to the test! Enjoy!

How to Play : 

Level 1 : 

If you are a fan of puzzle games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss any chances to play Roll The Ball Online – an interesting puzzle game for everyone at Abcya. Here, your biggest mission is to create a perfect path and help an iron ball collect all gold stars and reach the destination. Especially, at level 1, it is very easy for you to pass through by pulling a block that contains a part of the pipe to its correct position in the game. After that, the iron ball will move from above to the ground and collect all the stars on the way. OK! Level 1 is finished! Ready to explore level 2 with your intelligence?

Level 2: 

After you get familiar with the gameplay in level 1, the difficulty level of level 2 will be slightly increased. However, you don’t need to worry about this problem because I believe that you can overcome this level in an easy way. Here, your pipe is missing 2 pieces and your task is to take them to their correct places in a complete pipe. Use your left mouse to move the blocks and place them into their given positions. Try your best to help the iron ball to collect three gold stars and complete level 2 in the shortest time. What are you waiting for? Let’s play at Abcya Games!

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